How to reinvent and reopen your business after lockdown

As governments begin to relax confinement measures, companies start to wind up their activity to start operating in this new normality. The situation is extremely challenging; the progression of Covid-19, linked to the social, political and economical response it may incur creates an environment of uncertainty for businesses.

We begin to understand the long-lasting effects that the Covid-19 crisis will have in our economic activity, cultural norms and societal behaviour. Businesses will have to go through a reinventation period in order to adapt to this fast-changing environment. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to build what they've always wanted to build: become digital, incorporate agile methodology, launch an ambitious marketing campaign or overhaul their digital strategy. Leaders should consider the following as they begin their journey to transformation:

Prioritise your team
Over 60% of the global workforce currently feels that their job is at risk. On a personal level, most of them are worried that life won't be the same and social interaction will no longer be possible. Times are uncertain, and it's key for employers to communicate with compassion and look after their workforce.

Retain skills by redistributing your teams into areas of higher demand, offer learning programs, and communicate with confidence to reduce uncertainty. Leaders must share their own Covid-19 experiences, help grieving employees, and care about more than just work problems.

Rethink your way of working
Many employees had never worked from home before, and now that they have they would like to do it more often. Redesign work methodologies so they can be equally efficient when working from home. Train leaders to manage remote teams, and offer technological support.

Create a safe working environment by limiting physical contact, segmenting key workers and distributing them between physically present and remote. This will not only reduce risk, but also stress, making workers more comfortable and increasing productivity.

Plan ahead
As we mentioned above, this is the perfect opportunity to reengineer your processes and establish Agile methodologies. This will help you stay nimble, adapt to customer feedback and adapt to quick changes in the market.

Avoid the silo effect, isolating your workers from each other; instead, form multidisciplinary teams to boost collaboration, creativity and problem-solving. Furthermore, revise your business strategy and make sure it's aligned with critical processes. Letting your teams make their own decisions whilst leaders coordinate is the way to go.

Be prepared
Long-term success is dependant on your ability to adapt, learn and build new capabilities. This is the perfect time to explore new areas of expertise and exploit the benefits of technology. Invest in tools that allow you to communicate with your customers and build feedback loops, make sure you provide your workers with this information.

We cannot emphasize this enough, build agile teams. They empower individuals, boost creativity, performance and make your business more nimble. This will allow you to spot any weaknesses in your operation and adapt to the times ahead.