Having a website now is more important than ever

A lot of business owners think there is no real benefit to having a website for their business; perhaps because they personally don't use them and therefore think others don't either, or maybe because they rely heavily on social media platforms (Google My Business, Facebook Pages, etc.) to manage their online image. These are misconceptions, here is why your company needs a professional website, regardless of what you do and the size of your business:

Your business will gain credibility
Your website is the first point of contact most customers will have with your business. When they hear about you for the first time, they will look for you online before deciding to hire your services or buy your products. That first impression is key; just like you look after your physical location to be welcoming to customers, you want your website to be an accurate representation of your business and its values. If they land on your site and they don't like what they see (or you don't have one), they will probably go to the competition, even if your products are better.

It's another communication channel
Your website is much more than a front page with your contact information and a few pictures. You can use it to communicate with your customers, upload catalogs, product descriptions, etc. It can easily be updated, so you don't have to worry about updating your print catalogs every season. Furthermore, you can upload critical information or offers to your site to reward your loyal customers and have a wider reach.

It's always open
Unlike most businesses, your existing and potential customers can access your website 24/7. This creates new opportunities, and clients don't need to visit you or ring the phone to obtain the information they may be looking for. Even for customers that may prefer to buy in-store, they can compare your products directly from your site and make their purchase decisions at home.

It widens your market
You can offer your products and services to customers you couldn't reach before; maybe because of geographical restrictions, or because they didn't know you even existed. You can go as far as translating your site and go global with your business, the sky is the limit.

It helps you sell more
Just like your website lets potential clients get to know you, it also lets you showcase your work. We are not saying you need to brag, but by including a portfolio page, some testimonials and an image gallery, you can show your potential customers what you are capable of.

It saves you time
As we mentioned before, your website can store all the information customers may need about you or your products. Pointing them towards your website for this information can save you a lot of time on the phone or answering to emails, and allows you to help more people at once.

You can evolve it as your business grows
Maybe you want to start sending a newsletter to clients, you can add an email sign-up to your website. Perhaps you want to offer a membership programme, you can let your customers sign up to the website and reward their loyalty. The options are endless.