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Our Story

We decided to set up Audax in late 2019, after working in some of the top digital agencies in Europe. With over 20 years of combined experience and more than 300 projects delivered, we were well aware of the obstacles that businesses face when operating in today's world, and we wanted to bring something different to the table.

The tech industry has become increasingly difficult to navigate, with so-called experts offering their services at a premium and often pushing for unnecessarily complex builds, they have forgotten that people just want solutions to their problems. We are here to help you make well-informed decisions by providing you with a concise plan to reach your goals. Our ethos is built around transparency, efficiency and performance.

Audax is your partner for anything digital. Perhaps you have outsourced a team to build a digital product and you want a second opinion on their work, or maybe you need our in-house development team to take on a new project you are about to launch. All our skills and experience are at your disposal to help you succeed, create value and build a long-lasting relationship.